My Top Spin 2 Xbox 360 Review Posted

Over at MSXbox-World, they have posted my Top Spin 2 review:

Whenever people take time to reflect on tennis games, there are two that immediately jump to mind for most people, that is of course the classic on the SEGA Dreamcast Virtua Tennis and the now more recent Top Spin series. Both have received high accolades for their achievements; however Top Spin was not a perfect game, as much as I adored it!

Top Spin was graphically lovely although it did have some annoying tendencies and this was most apparent when taking the title on Xbox Live. The ‘cheese’ factor of the risk shot decided most of the games outcomes as people used it in every shot of their rally, making it totally unrealistic and pointless for the more gentlemen players among us, who wanted a more realistic and sportsman like approach. This really did spoil the online enjoyment of the game; however it was still my favorite game on Xbox.

Link: Top Spin 2 Xbox 360 Review

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