Stargate Season 9… What A Shame…

Yes I admit it, I am a massive Stargate SG-1 fan. Loved the Stargate movie and when I heard they were doing a series based on the film, I gasped as I expected something quite dull. However amazingly, the series turned out to be something very special indeed and not at all dreary.

That is until season 9 appeared on Sky One…

First of all I have had to get used to the quite drastic change in casting. No more General O’Neill, no more General Hammond and so many others have either been killed off or no longer feature. Stargate SG-1 just doesn’t feel the same, and now in my humble opinion, has lost its soul. I now dread Season 10 and although I will watch every episode as an avid Stargate fan, I miss the simpler times. Yes the simpler times when it was exploration based on present day technology. Now it is more like a twisted Star Wars or Star Trek universe, battling around the galaxy in huge space ships and even bigger ego’s.

The appeal for me was certainly the feeling that as a human race, we were so behind all the other aliens, now all we seem to do is kick ass and move along to the next target. Even Stargate Atlantis, which should be an absolute smash series, is going far too fast for my liking. They have already mastered how to control Atlantis and all the technology from what feels like episode 1 and they are flying around again in ships. The basis of Stargate was simple exploration. Facing foes with our limited technology, with only our strong willingness to survive and of course, wits, eventually helping them to save the day once more. It is such a shame!

James Woodcock

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