MSN Messenger Xbox 360 Now Available?

I am not sure if anyone else has noticed this yet, but before with Media Center Extender with the Xbox 360, you could not use the MSN Messenger capabilities like you can on the PC, until now it would seem.

With maybe the factors of Windows Live Messenger Beta on the PC and possibly even the March Xbox 360 update, you can now access MSN contacts and chat through the Xbox 360?

Also seems upon further inspection that there is no USB keyboard support in Media Center for the Xbox 360 yet, maybe why no official announcement has been made. Quite tricky using the remote to say the least.

[UPDATE] MVP posted in my blogs comments:

The windows messenger inside of MCE has always been accessible via the MCX (Media Center Extender) for the Xbox360.

There were no new features added, all it did was make the ‘user experience’ better by fixing some little backend stuff.

Many thanks.

James Woodcock

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  • I tried this and I still don’t think it’s working. I tried typing a message in but it just didn’t show up in the box :(

  • Did you make sure the box was highlighted first? You need the Advanced Media Center Xbox 360 remote to make this work currently with the characters on the number pad.

  • Ahh there’s the problem… I used the controller and the Y button to access to the keyboard built in. Don’t have the remote :(

  • Yeah just tried the controller, can type in to the box, but does not seem to enter on to the message window for the receiver to see it.


    i need to get media centre for me pc so i can see this for myself. sounds helpful

  • The windows messenger inside of MCE has always been accessible via the MCX (Media Center Extender) for the Xbox360.

    There were no new features added, all it did was make the “user experience” better by fixing some little backend stuff.

  • Hi and thank you very much for this official information to clear things up for me :)

  • I forgot to mention that there is a web browser plugin that lets you “browse the internet with your Xbox360”.

    The browsing is really dont using the computer, but, it appears on the 360 if you want it.

  • I will have to give this a try, many thanks again.

  • James

    Stupid question sorry, but how do u access Windows Messenger in Media Center? I have Media Center Extender installed. Thanks

  • If you press info on your remote control, Messenger should be listed as an option.

    If not go to Settings > Messenger and Caller ID…. and make sure it is enabled.

  • James

    That is set, but where do u sign into the .net messenger service? thanks again:”>

  • Have a look under ‘more programs’.

  • James

    lol, turns out u need a remote to setup Messenger, oh well

  • Afraid so.

  • looney

    hello all…yea u can press the Y button like matey said.then type away on ur usb keyboard….anyone know if there is an ” info” button on the joypad as i dont have remote…i need the info button to stream DivX films to my 360

  • As far as I know, you have to use the remote.

  • Tim

    I type in on the keyboard, and the words show up on the screen after I close the keyboard, but when I hit enter, nothing is sent?

  • Diego

    @Tim: I have been having the same problem. I just read somewhere that once you get the text on the message box, you press UP to send. Will have to try that once I get home.

    @James: Use the onscreen keyboard (press Y to get it) and select the keys you’d type. Or connect a USB keyboard, press Y and then type on the keyboard normally to log in.

  • heyhey

    that press up thing dont work :( any know what to do
    to send the message?

  • kha

    i tried it it just say my msn email is invalid i dont understand why this is appening can someone help me?

  • i keep tryin to sign in to msn on the wbox 360 but it keeps sayin i cant n e 1 no y

  • Sephka

    I try to get on MSN through the new update, but it says something like “Windows Live Messenger is not available from an Windows Live child account” or something like that. Anybody know a way around this?


    yo does any1 know how to change your e-mail adress for messenger on xbox cuz its only using my ***** one so i could have multiple accounts but now its really gay name and its not letting me change it so does any1 know how?!?!?!?1

  • boab

    a usb kebd works wit your 360
    and all u need 2 do if your using the onscreen keyboard is press the enter tab lol works gd 4 me both ways now when are we geting voice and vidio chat with msn on the xbox ?????

  • Dean

    I try to get on MSN through the new update, but it says “Windows Live Messenger is not available from an Windows Live child account” and im 17. I aint no child so can anyone please help me?

  • Seb

    [Comment ID #38173 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • Seb

    I have the same problem dean i really do not understand i have tried everything! Can anyone help?

  • jordan

    i mite be getting a 360 for christmas from my girlfreind but where do u get the mcx from please :((:)>-(~~)^:)^=))=;x(**==

  • Chad

    Im trying to get onto windows live msn messenger through my xbox 360 I have a keyboard remote but Im not sure how to get online with my xbox please help

  • Ryan

    MSN wont work on my xbox.. it says i have signed in to xbox live but it wont sign me in to msn.. anyone know the problem :d

  • twila

    hey does anyone know if you can use the xbox 360 cam for msn on the xbox

  • [Comment ID #100858 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You can’t, only with other Xbox Live friends.

  • aaron

    im trying to sighn up for xbox live, but im stoped when it says in the begining to use the id thats used for messenger on your pc,how do i find that???

    • Do you have a messenger account already?

      If not, you would need to create one, which you can do through the Xbox 360 itself.

  • :} lol my name is jamesypaul on xbox360