HD DVD Explained by Team Xbox

The next generation of media to eventually replace the DVD movie format is only a few months away with Toshiba’s HD DVD or Sony’s Blu-ray. Two competing formats that for the consumer can only result in a headache of research and possible mistakes. Thankfully Team Xbox has written an article explaining HD DVD in part one of this series, explaining the more technical aspects of this new format:

VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc, iPod, MP3, Mini Disc, JVC, Sony, Philips, Apple.the consumer electronic industry has seen many format wars over the years with clear winners and losers.

Team Xbox HD-DVD

Here at TeamXbox.com we actively cover the video game war, but the next big fight for dominance that consumers will soon witness is the one for the successor to the DVD; a war that promises to be bigger in scope than the battle between Microsoft and Sony for the next generation of video games, and could even affect it to the point where proclaiming a winning format could determine if one chooses a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360.

I personally hope that HD DVD will be the overall winner here and that is not just because I am a huge fan of the Xbox and Xbox 360 console, but simply as it is the next evolutionary step from CD to DVD, DVD to HD DVD, as they all share the same basic technology for compatibility and hopefully for the consumer, cheaper compared to Blu-ray players and disks.

Link: The Blue Laser Wars: Episode I HD DVD

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