Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer Update Patch Soon

I love my Xbox 360 gaming console and I also adore Call of Duty 2… Well the single player campaign anyway, as the online multiplayer just made me cringe with the very basic offerings and seemed to have had very little attention in what should have been one of the most exciting areas of the game. However an update is promised very soon now and here is word from the people developing this:

As you recall, we announced plans that we were working on our second Title Update for Call of Duty 2, improving the Xbox Live multiplayer functionality. We’re happy to report that this update is currently in the final stages of testing and all is going well. In fact, we will be releasing it soon, so stay tuned. To give you a better understanding of what we have been working on, the second COD2 Title Update will have the following enhancements:

  1. Player Lag has been addressed, Plus, we have added the following functionality:
  2. Private Game Lobbies / Reserved Slots
  3. Enabled the Live Host to set custom game options
  4. Map Preferences setting
  5. Post Game Lobbies (all players at end of match will return to their game lobby)
  6. Enemy Player Name Notification
  7. Ability for the Host to kick a player
  8. In game Lobby – Game Type, Map and Host Notifications

Great news for everyone concerned here who also love the title. I can not wait for this update to appear for download!

James Woodcock

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