Glyn Madden of the Yamaha Club Magazine Says Farewell to my Yamaha Keyboard Website

Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine has been kind enough to write a few words regarding the recent closure of my own independent Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website.

James is a difficult act to follow because his honesty and integrity will be hard to match – and it’s these qualities, combined with an expert knowledge of Internet technology, that have played such a crucial part in YPKO’s success.

Glyn has allowed me to include a *.PDF version of the two page article:
> Yamaha Club Magazine – James Woodcock Closes the Door on YPKO


Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner – Fully Closed, Yet Not Quite!

Within the next 24 hours, YPKO will be closed permanently, however you will be pleased to know that I have salvaged all of the podcasts, many of the articles and reviews written by myself and transplanted them right here on my personal website.

Shortly, all Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner related domain addresses will forward to a new section on my blog specifically for Yamaha related posts, which will include performances, demonstrations and my experiences with Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos. Domains include, and of course


I Announce Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner Closure – Six Years Comes to an End

After over six years in existence, the website I own and administrated – today sees the announcement of its eventual closure that will be completed in May 2011. This was an incredibly difficult decision as this Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website has been a very big part of my life and has evolved over time to become a massive resource for visitors.

Like most things though, everything has a beginning and an end and it became clear that now was the time to let go and reflect on the past six wonderful years of YPKO. It has helped shape my experience in many areas including article writing, podcasting, DVD video creation and much more besides as well as affirming my passion for Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos. It was because of the Yamaha Tyros (1) that I was inspired to create YPKO, however even with this passion for the musical technology that still proves to be an amazing magical experience – the closure of the website just couldn’t realistically be avoided.


My Yamaha Club Tutorial DVD Selection Trailer for Yamaha keyboard and Digital Piano Owners

The Yamaha Club in association with Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner (owned by James Woodcock) have released three tutorial DVD offerings so far, providing you with all the essential information you will need if you are going to get the very best from your Yamaha instrument. The tutorials are relevant to a wide range of models because most of the mid to upper range instruments produced since the turn of the century have adopted the same way of working, so the essentials remain unchanged right back to the PSR-1000 keyboard.

There are currently three DVD tutorial disks available including Getting Started: Exploring Music Finder, Understanding Files and Folders and Basic Sequencing – Recording using Song Creator


My Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner (YPKO) Website Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

ypkolarge5thToday my Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner website celebrates its 5th anniversary. With over 20.5 million hits, 215,000 forum posts and nearly 10,000 authenticated registered members since December 21st 2004 when it launched. My independent Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website has grown from a small hobby site into a feature rich resource recognised by visitors from all over the world.

Owned and operated solely by James Woodcock, YPKO as it is now affectionately known by many of the members continues to grow and will hopefully exist for many more years to come…