On Tour with Richard Bower & Ian House – Tyros4 10th Anniversary – Yamaha Club Magazine

In the June / July 2012 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine, my article ‘ON TOUR with Richard Bower and Ian House’ is featured on pages 6 & 7.

Throughout April and May keyboard enthusiasts (and prospective buyers) have been able to see, and hear, the instrument in a series of concerts and daytime events geared to showcasing the new Special Edition keyboard, I was fortunate to be able to attend one of the first shows in my home town when Roger’s Music hosted an evening at the Richard Herrod Leisure Centre, Nottingham,


Meeting with Yamaha Corporation of Japan – Future Development of Keyboards

In July 2011, Glyn Madden (Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine) welcomed a contingent of designers from Yamaha’s Japanese team to their home, which included Mr. Eiji Murata (Assistant Manager of EKB Product Development Department) and Ms. Kyoko Ohno. I was also invited to this fact finding meeting due to my years of involvement with Yamaha products including owning an independent enthusiast website and producing related tutorial and promotional DVDs. Discussions took place to share ideas and thoughts regarding Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos.

…James and I (Glyn Madden) are always happy to be invited to take part in these discussions because it gives us an opportunity to pass back to Yamaha feedback about its instruments that we’ve gathered from members – both of Yamaha Club and, until very recently, the YPKO forum.
Glyn Madden – Yamaha Club Magazine August/September 2011 Edition

To view the featured page in the magazine, click the link below to view the PDF:
> Meeting with Yamaha Corporation of Japan – Future Development of Keyboards


Yamaha Club Announces Upcoming Tutorial DVDs – Presented by Glyn Madden & Produced by James Woodcock

Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine has announced that we are both working on a new series of tutorial DVDs for owners of Yamaha keyboards and CVP Clavinova digital pianos. Titled ‘Tips from the Top’, the new DVDs will be released this year hosted by Glyn Madden and produced by myself.

In “Tips from the top”, the latest tutorial DVD from Yamaha Club, Glyn Madden presents a selection of ‘mini-workshops’ based on the wealth of material contributed to Yamaha Club Magazine by top players and teachers over the years. Essentially, this collection of hints and tips provides the answers to several frequently asked questions – with a few extra ‘good ideas’ thrown in for good measure. Our hope is that you’ll find them useful when planning new performances for your Yamaha keyboard or Clavinova.

We have created a little promotional video to introduce the series, which includes a performance by Glyn on the current flagship keyboard by Yamaha – the Tyros4.


Glyn Madden of the Yamaha Club Magazine Says Farewell to my Yamaha Keyboard Website

Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine has been kind enough to write a few words regarding the recent closure of my own independent Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website.

James is a difficult act to follow because his honesty and integrity will be hard to match – and it’s these qualities, combined with an expert knowledge of Internet technology, that have played such a crucial part in YPKO’s success.

Glyn has allowed me to include a *.PDF version of the two page article:
> Yamaha Club Magazine – James Woodcock Closes the Door on YPKO


The Yamaha WX11 Digital Wind Instrument – A Breath of Fresh Air [VIDEO]

My local Yamaha music dealer who specialises in keyboards, digital pianos and classic organs asked me to record and edit a short video today of him playing the Yamaha WX11 digital wind instrument. When this device was first released, it was the era of FM quality voices – notorious for their pretty basic representations of real-life instruments. Roger Hagarty has written an article for a future edition of the Yamaha Club magazine where he explains how using modern musical instruments such as a Yamaha Tyros3 as used in this video, you can now achieve fantastic and more importantly ‘realistic’ results with this classic digital wind instrument using a MIDI connection.