Glyn Madden of the Yamaha Club Magazine Says Farewell to my Yamaha Keyboard Website

Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine has been kind enough to write a few words regarding the recent closure of my own independent Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website.

James is a difficult act to follow because his honesty and integrity will be hard to match – and it’s these qualities, combined with an expert knowledge of Internet technology, that have played such a crucial part in YPKO’s success.

Glyn has allowed me to include a *.PDF version of the two page article:
> Yamaha Club Magazine – James Woodcock Closes the Door on YPKO


The Yamaha WX11 Digital Wind Instrument – A Breath of Fresh Air [VIDEO]

My local Yamaha music dealer who specialises in keyboards, digital pianos and classic organs asked me to record and edit a short video today of him playing the Yamaha WX11 digital wind instrument. When this device was first released, it was the era of FM quality voices – notorious for their pretty basic representations of real-life instruments. Roger Hagarty has written an article for a future edition of the Yamaha Club magazine where he explains how using modern musical instruments such as a Yamaha Tyros3 as used in this video, you can now achieve fantastic and more importantly ‘realistic’ results with this classic digital wind instrument using a MIDI connection.


My Yamaha Club Tutorial DVD Selection Trailer for Yamaha keyboard and Digital Piano Owners

The Yamaha Club in association with Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner (owned by James Woodcock) have released three tutorial DVD offerings so far, providing you with all the essential information you will need if you are going to get the very best from your Yamaha instrument. The tutorials are relevant to a wide range of models because most of the mid to upper range instruments produced since the turn of the century have adopted the same way of working, so the essentials remain unchanged right back to the PSR-1000 keyboard.

There are currently three DVD tutorial disks available including Getting Started: Exploring Music Finder, Understanding Files and Folders and Basic Sequencing – Recording using Song Creator


My Yamaha Club & Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner (YPKO) Online Magazine Article

mag_feb_09My Yamaha Keyboard and Digital Piano enthusiast website celebrated its 4th Anniversary just before the New Year and in that time, boasts over 8500 members, 157,000 community posts and 14,000,000 hits. I have a lot to celebrate as my website increases in popularity, while also enjoying co-operation with the Yamaha Club and indeed Yamaha UK themselves.

In their latest magazine, I have written an article explaining how the website began, while also detailing a new forum feature for Yamaha Club members and mention the official Tyros3 website updates. The Yamaha Club is an independent bi-monthly magazine edited by Glyn Madden.

Francine and Nicola - The TwinsIf you have been watching ‘Your Country Needs You’ on the BBC, you will know that the ‘Twins’ (Francine and Nicola) who featured at the Yamaha Club Weekend 2008 have been performing their hearts out in a bid to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision 2009. They made it all the way to the final night with many very memorable performances, but unfortunately on this occasion it wasn’t to be. Having heard them live myself, I know this is just the beginning of their career and I know that Glyn is very proud of what they have achieved as are the rest of us here at Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner.


Yamaha Club Magazine Mention – Yamaha Tyros3 DVD I Produced Receives Great Reviews

When I was asked to produce a Yamaha Tyros3 promotional DVD, I was excited and a little daunted by the prospect for a few reasons. This was my first venture into promoting anything through the use of video, it was to be my first widescreen DVD (previous ones were in 4:3 format) and I had just 1 week to edit it all together with a total of one hour and fifteen minutes running time. Gulp! I was never going to pass up on the opportunity though as it also gave me access to the latest flagship keyboard a few months before public release!

It was a little stressful at times, however I am very happy with the end result and my thanks go out to Glyn Madden, who did a fantastic job of creating a structure and presenting the keyboard and of course James Sargeant for his performances and co-presenting. The first feedback from the subscribers of the Yamaha Club Magazine have been released in their latest edition:

Congratulations on your excellent DVD introducing the Tyros3. In addition to being a wonderful advert for the new instrument, the DVD itself is very entertaining, superbly produced and informative. - Tony Hayes