Podcast #39 – WPtouch Pro 3 – WordPress Plugin Optimising Mobile and Tablet Design

WPtouch Pro 3
Today over Skype I interviewed Dale Mugford, who is the co-founder of Brave New Code. This is Dale’s 3rd time on my podcast and he has joined me to discuss their latest WordPress plugin release WPtouch Pro 3 – a dedicated mobile and tablet view for a WordPress powered website that is designed to decrease loading times and optimises for a touchscreen device.


James Woodcock’s Website Featured on Brave New Code WPtouch Pro Tips Series

For quite some time now, I have been using the WPtouch Pro WordPress plugin (and also WordTwit Pro). WPtouch Pro creates a wonderful mobile theme for both smartphones and the iPad.

Over on the Brave New Code blog who created the plugins, they have featured my website while asking me a few questions regarding their plugin.


Vodcast #3 – WordTwit Pro WordPress Plugin Interview with Dale Mugford [VIDEO]

Dale Mugford from Brave New Code joins me in this video interview to discuss their latest WordPress plugin – WordTwit Pro. WordTwit Pro is a WordPress plugin which adds powerful, easy-to-use Twitter features to WordPress. Publish tweets about your new posts to Twitter account(s) automatically.

Brave New code are also behind the WordPress plugin WP Touch Pro, which adds powerful easy-to-use features to WordPress for mobile + tablet theme support. It’s also a powerful theming framework, perfect for creating awesome mobile & tablet optimised versions of websites. I interviewed Dale regarding WPTouch Pro in an earlier podcast.

Dale also announced new features that are coming soon, including Facebook integration with WordTwit Pro and much more.


Podcast #30 – Brave New Code and the WPtouch Plugin for WordPress with Dale Mugford

WPtouch ProIn my 30th podcast I feature Dale Mugford, who is the co-founder of Brave New Code.

They have created a plugin for WordPress called WPtouch that gives your website or blog a mobile theme that decreases loading times and optimises for a touch-screen device.