App Creation #26 – Game Inspiration – Introduction

I am an avid gamer. For two decades and I am sure beyond, my eyes have been fixated to the pixels presented on the television screen in its most basic 2D variations and now to the latest and greatest 3D spectaculars using the latest photo realism techniques.

These experiences are no longer limited to the huge boxes that sit in our entertainment units and are right now featuring on far smaller devices. So tiny in fact that they accompany us on our travels wherever we may go.


Edifier Tick Tock Dock Review – Alarm Clock Docking Station with FM Radio and iPod Dock

Digital radio alarm clocks have been for many years a pretty standard shape and size, with the same old display and scarily loud wake up noise. Today they have been enhanced by implementing a dock that allows you to attach your iPod or iPhone and benefit from the vast selection of wake up noises, music selections and an impressive display.

The Edifier Tick Tock Dock features these aspects while actually mimicking the classic looks of traditional alarm clocks from decades gone by.


App Creation #19 – App Inspiration – Bump

With any portable device, over time you will amass a collection of contacts, photos and other information that at least in part you will wish to share with other phone users.


App Creation #18 – App Inspiration – Pocket Pond

Screensavers have often included aquatic scenes with the typical under the sea vertebrate – that’s fish to you and me. Gently swimming from one side of the screen to the other and in a soothing visual of tranquillity.


App Creation #17 – App Inspiration – 8Bitone+ Micro Composer

For someone like me who has been a gamer right back when the height of gaming sophistication meant you owned a virtual ping pong machine, game cartridges, a selection of terribly slow-loading cassette tapes and joysticks featuring just a single button – retro music from the early 8-bit days are a required nostalgic trip.

8Bitone+ delves right into this history by giving us access to an 8bit style synthesizer and a 4 channel sequencer.

Sound Success

The 8bit sound isn’t to everyone’s taste, maybe just for those who experienced the basic yet captivating bleeps and blops that represented music during the 2D gaming success story. 8Bitone+ delivers a set of sounds that can be further tweaked and tuned to create a tone that is completely different from the original with wobbles, rapid speed and fading elements.