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Games Britannia Replayed and Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing: Transformed Special [VIDEO]

On Sunday 8th July 2012, I visited the Games Britannia – Replayed event hosted at the Magna Science Adventure Centre. Here I explored the retro and modern consoles on display as well as interviewing Steve Lycett, Executive Proucer at Sumo Digital to find out all about their upcoming title for SEGA – Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing: Transformed.


Monster Cast #12 – E3 2012 Special with Google+ HangOut Live! [VIDEO]

Today I hosted the very first Console Monster Podcast that was transmitted live thanks to the technology behind Google+ HangOuts, so not only can you hear us, but you can see us as well. In this edition, we discuss the wonders and travesties that were part of E3 2012 – covering the Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Ubisoft presentation.


Monster Cast #11 – E3 2011 Special Edition Discussing Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

I host the latest Monster Cast for gaming website Console Monster, with guests Marty Greenwell and Ricky Lee Staines to discuss the three presentations by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Console Monster is an Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation3 specific website with news, reviews, previews, forum, achievements and trophies database. They even have a very sleak iPhone app, which is downloadable on the Apple iTunes Store.


Stick’nGo Cable Labels – Cable Confusion Finally Unjumbled

If you are like me, no doubt you will have a collection of electronic devices with wires for power, ethernet, speakers, scart, HDMI, component and that’s before I dare to look behind my computer. Quite frankly, the room becomes a sanctuary for wriggly wires looking for a good home and your instinct is to hide your charitable inclinations the best you can. Going through this tedious process of placing cables under carpets, rugs and anything else you can find to mask the mess, will soon have you losing the plot trying to remember what each cable attaches to. A nightmare if you ever have to move your equipment.

In the past you might have used good old sticky tape with ripped off pieces of paper acting as labels, I know I have! It is easy to lose heart as your spiffy new amplifier, with its LCD animating, rows of twinkling lights and sexy dials hides a hideous secret, a secret that reveals itself the next time you pull something out of its prized spot. No not the dust you couldn’t reach, I actually am referring to those hideous ripped paper labels that are now back to haunt you. Time for Stick’nGo labels


Monster Cast #3 – Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 Podcast with Myself as Guest

From episode 1 to 8, I hosted the Console Monster Podcast but due to lack of time and staff participation we all took a breather. Now with Rob Rymond at the hosting helm, I appear as one of the guests along with David Wriglesworth and Marty Greenwell to discuss the latest Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation3 news and reviews on the renamed Monster Cast.

Topics covered include: