Humax HDR-1010S Review – New White Colour with Built-in Wireless Networking for Freesat

Although subscription services for UK television including Sky and Virgin Media have for years been considered a ‘premium’ viewing experience, non-subscription alternatives are now pushing back hard to show their impressive credentials. Recording, On Demand, media streaming and many more features are steadily appearing on purchasable set-top boxes, with the idea of tempting you away from the typical subscription based service providers you may have originally exclusively considered.

The HDR-1010S is the latest set-top box from Humax to take advantage of Freesat (via a satellite dish), as well as offering a new feature known as Free Time.


Lexmark Interact S605 Printer, Scanner and Copier – Wireless 3in1 for Home Offices

Having already taken a look at the feature packed Lexmark Pro905, I was very excited at the prospect of testing a 3in1 unit a little further down the pricing scale. You may consider this thinking a little confusing, why on earth would I want to experiment with a device that has less features? The answer is simple, even at the lower price point – the Lexmark Interact S605 printer, scanner and copier enjoys a selection of benefits that would have been impossible for a so called ‘budget’ unit not so long ago – so seeing how it performs in comparison sparks my interest.


Lexmark Platinum Pro905 All-in-One Inkjet – Why Be Skint? A Penny A Print!

Allow me to beckon you all around my virtual stall if you will, as for a moment at least, I will feel a little like a market trader as I present to you the Lexmark Platinum Pro905. Please don’t misunderstand my intentions though, I am no Delboy Trotter here with my suitcase full of unusual and bizarre merchandise. Instead I will be sharing with you wonderful news at the top of my voice for those who are actively seeking an economic printing solution and a host of other features.

In the past, printers have lured us in with their irresistible pricing and reproduction quality, however in what only feels like the briefest of moments, you can sometimes find yourself receiving a most unwelcome shock when you realise that almost in no time at all you have reached the dreaded ink empty status. So here comes the promised good news you have been waiting for… Lexmark are confident that it will cost just a single penny and possibly even less to print a page containing a typical amount of text. Not only that, due to the quite large ink cartridges, you will be printing away for a ‘smile’ worthy time.