Toshiba Dynadock U10 – Give Your Laptop Greater Expandability and Features

Laptops are truly wonderful things. Their portability offers a software and hardware solution on the move that is difficult to match, particularly useful for business purposes and of course carrying around an expensive leather case always adds to the successful entrepreneurial look. Once you return to your office or home though, the limitations soon become apparent.

Many laptop users will have come across the most basic of irritations and that is the need for just one more USB port. It becomes a wire spaghetti-like tangled mess that overwhelms your working environment and one of the common answers to this is to invest in a dock. Docks provide additional USB ports and other handy features that aren’t always required when out and about, although many are custom designed to work with a particular model or range. Toshiba have managed to offer these types of features and more by including a vast array of expandability and all through a single USB port. By using a single USB port, you can quite happily upgrade your laptop and still benefit from your Toshiba dock without the need for a custom replacement. Give me an example of a laptop that doesn’t feature a USB port! Exactly, USB ports are commonplace now so changing your laptop doesn’t result in a new dock on each upgrade.