How To #3 – Automatically Update Apps on iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 7
One of the best features of iOS 7 is the ability to have your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch automatically update any apps that release new features, design changes or simply fixes a few bugs. This is not enabled by default, so you will need to manually turn on this feature to take advantage of background updating.


Yamaha Club Website Theme and Feature Updates – Wider Look, New Graphics & More…

Yamaha Club New Website
After mentioning to Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine that it might be a good idea to refresh the Yamaha Club website to take advantage of new features and screen sizes, he was certainly enthusiastic in making sure I was the one to tackle this project.


Podcast #29 RailWorks Updates – New Career System and Future Interface Plans

Paul Jackson, CEO of joins me again on my podcast to discuss the RailWorks Train Simulator, which is available predominantly on Steam.

In this audio interview, Paul tells us about many of the exciting updates that have either just released or will be coming to us in the very near future. These include a brand new career system, challenging you to perfect your locomotive skills or feel the pain of losing crucial points and a discussion regarding an upcoming set of interface changes that will push rail simulation far further than ever before.