Roku LT Review – Small, Light, Silent & Affordable Streaming Internet Box

It seems almost unimaginable nowadays to spot a television without some kind of additional box below it, providing additional functionality and possibly even connecting to the Internet. It may be a game console, a digital satellite decoder, cable device or in this case a ‘streaming’ box.

The function is simple, yet you soon become hooked on the principle and miss the added features as soon as you attempt life without one.


App Creation #14 – App Inspiration – TWiTpad

Tablet devices offer screen space almost equivalent to a decently sized computer monitor. The TWiTpad app is therefore able to offer various additional elements along with the standard video, which provides interaction with the live shows.

Not Just Video

The TWiT network (which stands for This Week in Tech) covers as the name suggests various technology related topics with a few shows that drift into other areas. These presentations are streamed live over the Internet and so of course the TWiTpad app allows you to view this video.