National Railway Museum – Evening Star, Green Arrow, Tornado and More [VIDEO]

The National Railway Museum in York is a fantastic location to visit when you have an interest in steam locomotives and other rail related enthusiasms. This week I travelled to Yorkshire for a well earned break and one of my destinations was of course to view locomotives including the Evening Star, Green Arrow and I even managed to lean around a corner to get a sneaky peak of Tornado.

The National Railway Museum is a free journey through the history of locomotives and has recently featured on the news due to its restoration of the Flying Scotsman.

Discover over 300 years of history and over a million wonderful objects. Marvel at iconic locomotives, watch engineering work in progress in the Workshop, browse our object-filled Warehouse, or let off steam in the outdoor play area.
National Railway Museum

In the edited HD video I created below, I couldn’t help but think of RailWorks 2 and its available add-ons – a rail simulator that features many of these wonderful steam locomotives including the Evening Star, Green Arrow, Tornado and the Flying Scotsman.