Train Simulator 2012 Service Pack 1 Announced – Two Routes with Significantly Improved Graphics have announced that their successful rail simulator software ‘Train Simulator 2012 – RailWorks 3’ is to receive a service pack to upgrade the capabilities of the program and its efficiency.


Train Simulator 2012 Gameplay – High Speed Train (HST) [VIDEO]

Today I have captured gameplay footage from Train Simulator 2012 with the High Speed Train (HST) featured.

The InterCity 125 was the brand name of British Rail’s High Speed Train (HST) fleet. The InterCity 125 train is made up of two power cars, one at each end of a fixed formation of Mark 3 carriages, and is capable of 125 mph (201 km/h), making the train the fastest diesel-powered locomotive in regular service in the world. Initially the sets were classified as Classes 253 and 254. – Wikipedia


Train Simulator 2012 Gameplay – A4 Pacific Class Add-On [VIDEO]

Although I have already published a video of the A4 Pacific Class Add-On for RailWorks, today I have decided to release another using the recently released RailWorks 3 – Train Simulator 2012 software and the update provided for the A4 add-on.


Lovely Loco Music Original Composition by James Woodcock [Shop]

Featured in the Train Simulator 2012 podcast, the music I created for the end sequence is now available to purchase.


Podcast #31 Train Simulator 2012 Interview – Latest Rail Simulator from RailWorks [VIDEO]

You may recall that almost a year ago, I travelled down to Chatham’s Historic Dockyard to speak to the people behind a rail simulator known as RailWorks 2.

Well I couldnt resist an invitation to view their most recent developments – so after packing my audio and video equipment I popped along to view their latest release of RailWorks 3 – also known as Train Simulator 2012.

In the following video, we will find out all about the wonderful work created by these talented individuals as we delve into the delights of Train Simulator 2012.