App Creation #11 – App Inspiration – Virtuoso [VIDEO]

I have been captivated by musical instruments from a very young age, inspired by the creativity you enjoy from the outstretched reach of your fingertips.

One of the most classical, yet still current forms of expression rests with those once ivory keys. They have evolved over the centuries, although having a grand piano placed on your lap isn’t exactly practical…


App Creation #10 – App Inspiration – iHandy Carpenter

Spirit levels are a sure-fire way of keeping us all on the straight and narrow. The sight of an uneven shelf or slightly skewed picture frame is enough to drive anybody up the wall and I’m afraid I am one of those individuals that will adjust a piece of art when nobody is looking if I believe it isn’t truly aligned.

Trusting our eyes’ capabilities alone isn’t the most accurate method of testing exactly how straight an object is; however yet again our portable universe of apps includes a smashing portable selection of tools.

On the Level


App Creation #9 – App Inspiration – WorldCard Mobile

As a business professional, promoting yourself and your company is vital to gain those all important clients. The method of achieving this hasn’t changed in well over one hundred years. Of course I am referring to the trusty old business card.

Over the years, a colossal collection of contacts are accumulated with the unfortunate requisite of storing them. The more organised among us will no doubt have a special unit that allows you to flick through the vast assortment.