My Personal Website CSS Stylesheet Overhaul by Ben Gillbanks – WordPress Theme Designer

My personal website (blog) is over 4 years old now and in that time it has been tweaked, altered and experimented with by myself looking to add something a little new and hopefully entice people to have a good look around. My CSS knowledge is quite limited and more often than not if I get stuck to the point where my hair is torn out in large clumps as I can’t find the answer on good old Google, I give my friend Ben a nudge, of which he replies with the life saving answer.

I came to the obvious conclusion that my CSS limits were just not enough to add that extra bit of sparkle to my website and after a little conversation with Ben, I convinced him to have a gander and see what small changes he could make to improve the design. I wasn’t expecting a great deal as he only had an hour free, however the result was extremely impressive in my eyes and I hope you agree too.


New Design for James Woodcock’s Blog – Created by Tammie Lister

newblogdesign.jpgToday is the day that I have been excited about for quite a while now regarding the new re-design, which has now launched on my blog. Thanks to Tammie Lister who created this fantastic theme, which I have also ported over to the forum. I have been altering sections along the way, so if there is anything wrong, it is bound to be my fault… he he…

There is still quite a bit to do in the next few weeks to get everything just right, but at least now you can view the new look and report any bugs you might find along the way either here or on the forum.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and happy New Year.



Puppy Power – How Cute!

dillon.jpgCute is maybe something a male shouldn’t use in polite conversation, but I ask anyone to look at this picture and not get that reaction! Tammie Lister who is creating websites quicker than I can view them has just opened another over at WoofBarkWag:

Today I finally got around to launching woofbarkwag. Currently it doesn’t have any real design and this oddly feels right for this blog. I had gotten to the point where I always get with my worst client (that being me) where I was not happy with anything. So, to actually launch the blog before Dillon was a year old I decided to do away with actually designing it for now and strip to the bare minimum – hence the version that has gone live. It is also nice as this allows me time to ponder the design a bit and get it right rather than the usual thing that happens with my own designs and poking and prodding it within a week of going live.

The main blog is live now at and everyone is welcome with a forum coming relatively soon so people can get their own dog tails up and running. I have a lot of content I want to put up on the site and this will be the main focus for the rest of this month with further updates happening slowly but surely as it settles in.

If you want to view more cutey-pie moments, make sure you visit her Flickr section for Dillon: Dillon Images by Tammie Lister


Busy, Busy and Busy Again!

yamahaclub.jpgSo just a little update to why I have been a little quiet on the blog front and indeed on Xbox 360 gaming. At the moment I have a site to redesign and create with online shopping facilities over at the Yamaha Club website.

I am not doing this alone though (thank goodness), I have with me my dear friend Tammie, who is trying out new designs as we speak so we can both see which ones work best. Online ordering is something that members have been asking for in the past, and with Tammie creating her masterpiece, I am sure we will all be up and running in no time.

Glyn Madden from the Yamaha Club also mentioned something else I am working on in his latest news post:

I hope you’ve survived the heatwave. Can you believe that (with a perfect sense of timing), on the hottest day of the year so far, James Woodcock and I began to record a new tutorial DVD… indoors!! So, while the rest of the world sunbathed in their gardens, we fastened all the doors and windows tightly shut and sweltered under several high-powered studio lights.

Glyn wasn’t exaggerating let me tell you! So something else (once finished) I can add to my CV and this is recording and editing a full tutorial DVD… exciting stuff indeed for me. I have dabbled in video editing quite a bit in the past just for fun, but never of this magnitude. So far the editing is going very well and as with any new process, I am learning things all the time. I hope to have some examples available online in the near future. Maybe I will use YouTube?

Only gaming I have had time for is a few minutes of Nintendo DS Lite every now and then (Super Mario 64 DS), but I should be reviewing Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II this week with a bit of luck.


Quote Them – Quotation Fun

A very clever friend of mine has set up a website where you can insert quotes by famous people, friends or even someone from work:

QUOTETHEM is a place where you can do what it says on the tin. Just sign up for free and you can then quote anyone online.


The aim is to build a list of quotes be they famous, your partner, your child, your mate down the pub and even your dog if they are rather quoteable.

So, what are you waiting for? Just QUOTETHEM.

Link: Site No Longer Available!