Stick’nGo Cable Labels – Cable Confusion Finally Unjumbled

If you are like me, no doubt you will have a collection of electronic devices with wires for power, ethernet, speakers, scart, HDMI, component and that’s before I dare to look behind my computer. Quite frankly, the room becomes a sanctuary for wriggly wires looking for a good home and your instinct is to hide your charitable inclinations the best you can. Going through this tedious process of placing cables under carpets, rugs and anything else you can find to mask the mess, will soon have you losing the plot trying to remember what each cable attaches to. A nightmare if you ever have to move your equipment.

In the past you might have used good old sticky tape with ripped off pieces of paper acting as labels, I know I have! It is easy to lose heart as your spiffy new amplifier, with its LCD animating, rows of twinkling lights and sexy dials hides a hideous secret, a secret that reveals itself the next time you pull something out of its prized spot. No not the dust you couldn’t reach, I actually am referring to those hideous ripped paper labels that are now back to haunt you. Time for Stick’nGo labels


TuneUp for iTunes Review – Find Missing Music Information and Album Art Easily

When I first started playing around with my very first Apple iPhone, the first thing I noticed was the swish albums viewer in the iPod section. Scrolling along all the album artwork only to find there are many annoying gaps, where iTunes couldn’t locate the covers and it rather takes the shine off the whole effect. For anyone who uses will also notice that when you scrobble your played music, the website will often make small corrections to artist names adding correct accents and eventually you admit to yourself the painful thought running through your mind of manually correcting your music library. Nightmare!

Thankfully there is a solution to your woes with TuneUp for use with Apple iTunes. This handy piece of software for the PC, Mac OS X, Tiger and Leopard will not only attempt to find missing music information and album artwork, but also suggest related music you may enjoy including videos from YouTube and if all this isn’t enough to whet your appetite there is even the option of searching for concert dates.