Twitter the New Support Tool – A Wonderful Alternative for Offering Live Company Support

Requesting any kind of support from a company can result in a process of misery, disappointment and even anger if you feel that you have been let down in your hour of need. Although there have been live chat communications available online for quite some years, there is one medium where quick fire answers are all part of the wondrous experience – I am referring to social networking giant ‘Twitter’.

Twitter has fast become a mammoth collection of individuals who love to share their unusual habits, passions for life and especially seems suited for the odd moan or two. The wisest of companies including in this example Microsoft have realised that not all support instances require lengthy emails or the painful nightmare of hanging around on hold when using the phone. @XboxSupport is designed for gamers with an Xbox 360 console who can use the wonders of Twitter to tweet any questions they may have and more often than not, a swift answer is forthcoming, which is sure to delight even the most disgruntled of enthusiast.