James Woodcock’s Podcast Covering Gaming & Technology Now Available on Roku Devices

James_RokuFor the last eight years, I have created various audio and video podcasts covering a range of topics – more recently focusing on gaming & technology.

I am pleased to inform you that those who own Roku devices (such as the Roku LT I reviewed) can now install my new channel ‘James Woodcock’s Podcast‘ onto their televisions, to stream the latest audio and video presentations.


Anticipation Album Now Available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and More…

Now available as a digital download via iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and more – you can now purchase or stream (requires subscription) my album of original compositions – created using the Yamaha Tyros4 keyboard.

With 10 tracks and just under 40 minutes worth of compositions, my first album release ‘Anticipation’ features synth, strings, flutes, choirs and many other voices to create this selection of music.


Boxee Box Review – Stream Photos, Music & Video and Access the Internet on your Television

Many of the latest high definition televisions are starting to include built-in media players, giving consumers the chance to view various content including music, photos and of course video on a large display. You may be one of those people who don’t wish to upgrade your existing television to earn these new capabilities, but still wish to enjoy the same functionality and a little more besides without the investment a new HDTV would require.

Quite a few companies are now releasing external devices that allow you to transform your television into a media hub, rich with new online content. The creators of Boxee Box have set out to be the hub of all your entertainment needs, giving you the option to share your wonderful memories, pulsating beats and home movies with friends and family on a substantial and impressively sized display.


SEGA Superstars Tennis Mode Menu Music Released for Download

sega_superstars_tennis-xbox_360screenshots11205sst_ghz03_reduced-chaos.jpgWith special thanks to SEGA Europe, the composer Richard Jacques and SUMO Digital, I have been given permission to release an unused track from SEGA Superstars Tennis. Called ‘mode menu’, it instead featured in a trailer for the game.

Richard Jacques has composed music for titles including Mass Effect, Jet Set Radio, Outrun 2, Samba De Amigo, Baku Baku and The Club to name just a few, so make sure you pop over to his website to view his full portfolio available with audio samples.