Second Yamaha Independent Keyboard Festival Announced

Tillington Hall
Between May 20th – 23rd 2016, The Yamaha Independent Keyboard Festival will be held at the Tillington Hall Hotel in Staffordshire and they have asked me to share some of the details with you…


My YPKO Radio Show #5 Released

If you did not know already, over the last couple of months, I have been working on the 5th edition of my YPKO Radio Show on my Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner Site and it was released fairly recently. You can also listen to a 3 minute sample of the show below at a lower quality than the original.

This latest episode lasts for over an hour and features:

  • Glyn Madden (Editor of Yamaha Club Magazine) plays Die Moldau on Tyros 2

  • YPKO Voicemail Caller
  • Internet Direct Connection Tyros 2 Styles Examples Part 1
  • Steve Marsden of Yamaha UK Technical Support Interview Part 1
  • Steve Marsden plays Ode to Joy with AI Chords on Tyros (1)
  • Steve Marsden of Yamaha UK Technical Support Interview Part 2
  • Internet Direct Connection Tyros 2 Styles Examples Part 2

Link: YPKO Radio Show #5 by James Woodcock


YPKO Podcast #5 – IDC Tyros 2 Styles / Steve Marsden

In this latest edition, Steve Marsden joins me, who is from Yamaha’s technical support staff here in the United Kingdom. Also featured are the new Yamaha Tyros 2 styles only available on the new Internet Direct Connection service.


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Video

In the December / January 2005/2006 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine, Jackie and Steve Marsden present the use of bass chords and this inspired me to create and record the following music.

Here is me playing the Tyros (1), with my interpretation of Steve Marsden’s arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I have altered one of the main chords from A/C# to Ddim.

I have made a selection of registrations to make the transition through the piece of music simpler and also using a foot pedal to fill-self command on the style. Using multipads at the very beginning and using a left-voice to add a nice background sound, the style it self only comes in after the first loop of the music. Remember I am a self taught home enthusiast and not a professional.


I hope you enjoy as this is my first public video performance. Also note that the video was recorded seperate from the audio and it goes slightly out of sync near the end of the performance due to conversion problems.

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