James Woodcock’s Forum Officially Open

After trying out bbPress, I was convinced I needed something more substantial. I really want to build up a strong community of people that know me in person or who just like my website.

The Simple Machines Forum (SMF) I have used for many years on various websites and in fact I have been using it since the very early betas even helping out with some of the support and documentation. So I am very happy to use this software on my personal website officially as of today!

Thanks to the help of a couple of SMF developers, I was able to include SSI into WordPress. This gives me access to all kinds of forum information that I can (if I want to) add to my blog such as who is online, latest posts, a welcome message etc. All I had to do was remove a few lines from Sources/security.php in SMF to make it work without any errors:

// Grudge chickens out and puts this in for compatibility. This will be ripped out on day one for SMF 1.2 though ;)
function is_admin()

Then it was just a matter of adding the usual line that forum/ssi_examples.php asks you to insert (which you insert into header.php on the top line) and job is done!

Enjoy the new forum and feel free to leave any suggestions for additional boards etc.



New Discussion Forum – Trial Period

I have been considering for quite some time whether to have a discussion forum on my personal website and how active it would be. Well today I have installed bbPress, which integrates with WordPress nicely.

This is for a trial period to see how it is used and whether I need to use a different forum system instead like SMF, but we will see how it goes.

Although any comments about my reviews, posts, podcasts I prefer on the actual blog itself, the forum should provide a more general discussion area and in particular for my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project.

Any feedback and support is appreciated…

[UPDATE: Decided to use SMF instead]

Link: James Woodcock Forum


SMF Mod – Country Flags by Jay Bachatero

forumflag.jpgSince the arrival of the Simple Machines Forum (SMF), I have been hassling the powers that be (in a nice way of course) to add a simple mod for website owners who want to indicate the true global community that resides on their forum. Jay Bachatero has been gracious enough to hear my pleas and has written a new mod called Country Flags for SMF based on another called ‘Location Mod’.

My Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast discussion forum now has this mod installed, which displays the country of where the member is from if they have selected one from within their profile:

This mod allows your members to select from a list the countries to denote where they live. This will include a country flag in their posts and profile. You can select where to ask for their country. Upon registration, profile page or both. Also you can make it mandatory.

To enable this md you must go to Admin > Features and Options > Last set of options. This was a mod request by James Woodcock. The credits for this mod go to gobalopper’s Location mod. The flags and idea were taken from his mod.

It is really great to see members already selecting their countries as it really shows how worldwide the community truly is. Already had two new members register stating they are from Norway and another from Brazil.

Link: CountryFlags


Simple Machines Forum T-shirt

smftshirt.jpgIn recognition of my help and support for the Simple Machines Forum, they sent me a T-shirt all the way from the United States of America.

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a great piece of free software which I have used for many years on various sites including my Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner site. This powers the discussion forum and the membership system.

I have helped them with documentation, bug reporting and general forum support and although I have been too busy to help them since opening my Yamaha enthusiast site, they have still recognised my input and continued support so thank you to the fantastic developers over at SMF.

I know there are going to be even more improvements and features in the future and look forward to these developments.