Yamaha CVP-609 Clavinova Digital Piano Revealed – Demonstration [VIDEO] [PHOTOS]

CVP-609 Demo.Still002
Roger Hagarty of Roger’s Music in Nottingham is a Yamaha dealer who has already received delivery of the latest generation of Yamaha CVP Clavinova, the CVP-609.


On Tour with Richard Bower & Ian House – Tyros4 10th Anniversary – Yamaha Club Magazine

In the June / July 2012 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine, my article ‘ON TOUR with Richard Bower and Ian House’ is featured on pages 6 & 7.

Throughout April and May keyboard enthusiasts (and prospective buyers) have been able to see, and hear, the instrument in a series of concerts and daytime events geared to showcasing the new Special Edition keyboard, I was fortunate to be able to attend one of the first shows in my home town when Roger’s Music hosted an evening at the Richard Herrod Leisure Centre, Nottingham,


I Interview Hosts of Nicola & Roger’s Annual Student Christmas Concert [VIDEO]

Yesterday evening at the Richard Herrod Leisure Centre in Nottingham, Nicola Ross and Roger Hagarty hosted the Annual Student Christmas Concert – giving Nicola’s students a chance to perform in front of an audience, while also raising money for Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue.


James Sargeant at the Bonington Theatre – Yamaha Tyros4 Keyboard Played as an Organ

Yesterday evening, James Sargeant (courtesy of Roger’s Music – Nottingham) entertained a large group of Yamaha keyboard enthusiasts at the Bonington Theatre in Arnold by playing the Tyros4 keyboard (the current Yamaha flagship model).

Over roughly 7 years, you can imagine the amount of demonstrations I have witnessed featuring Yamaha musical instruments and most certainly a fair few with the Yamaha Tyros4 keyboard as the main attraction. Yesterday evening however included a slightly different approach from the norm and rather than using the hundreds of backing styles to aid his performance, James Sargeant instead played the Tyros4 as if it was an electric organ.


The Yamaha WX11 Digital Wind Instrument – A Breath of Fresh Air [VIDEO]

My local Yamaha music dealer who specialises in keyboards, digital pianos and classic organs asked me to record and edit a short video today of him playing the Yamaha WX11 digital wind instrument. When this device was first released, it was the era of FM quality voices – notorious for their pretty basic representations of real-life instruments. Roger Hagarty has written an article for a future edition of the Yamaha Club magazine where he explains how using modern musical instruments such as a Yamaha Tyros3 as used in this video, you can now achieve fantastic and more importantly ‘realistic’ results with this classic digital wind instrument using a MIDI connection.