On Tour with Richard Bower & Ian House – Tyros4 10th Anniversary – Yamaha Club Magazine

In the June / July 2012 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine, my article ‘ON TOUR with Richard Bower and Ian House’ is featured on pages 6 & 7.

Throughout April and May keyboard enthusiasts (and prospective buyers) have been able to see, and hear, the instrument in a series of concerts and daytime events geared to showcasing the new Special Edition keyboard, I was fortunate to be able to attend one of the first shows in my home town when Roger’s Music hosted an evening at the Richard Herrod Leisure Centre, Nottingham,


Yamaha Tyros4 Keyboard Free Performance DVD – Edited by James Woodcock [VIDEO]

In the last few months of 2011, I had the pleasure of working with the Yamaha Club in association with Yamaha UK to produce a free DVD. The DVD which is only available from select UK Yamaha dealers is currently either very low in stock or has even completely run out due to demand in the initial few months of availability.


Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 Promotional DVD I Produced Now Available

Late last year, Yamaha UK requested that the Yamaha Club and I produce a DVD presenting their latest flagship digital piano, the Clavinova CVP-509. The DVD included with the August / September 2010 of the Yamaha Club Magazine and other recent publications details the many wonderful features and musical qualities of this latest model.

This is my second promotional DVD following on from the earlier release covering the flagship keyboard the Yamaha Tyros3. I have been the editor for these promotional DVD offerings and also a set of three tutorial DVDs. In fact, publicly announced in the latest Yamaha Club Magazine is the fourth tutorial DVD I am working on with presenter Richard Bower. The DVD tutorials cover the basics of Yamaha keyboard and digital piano operation, ensuring that enthusiasts unlock the potential of their musical instrument.