Xtreme Tech UK – New Technology Store and Blog with Content by James Woodcock

I have been creating articles, podcasts and videos for Tech Depot Blog UK for over a year now, however they have recently undergone a major re-branding and I have been involved with making sure the blog reflects these changes.

Their new technology store named Xtreme Tech and of course the related blog Xtreme Tech Blog UK is also now officially live.


App Creation #13 – App Inspiration – Console Guide

Browsing websites on a portable device is nothing new to the tech savvy enthusiast, however even with the best mobile designs – there are always limitations. One way around this is to create an app that can provide both additional exposure for your content and offer additional features.

The App Treatment

Console Monster is a popular website offering all kinds of interesting gaming content including news, reviews, previews, editorials and much more besides. Presenting such a wealth of information on a small screen is certainly a challenge, yet the ‘Console Guide’ app manages just that.



More of my Xbox Reviews Added

3sites.gifOne of the main advantages of creating this website, is having the ability to archive my work. I forget how many reviews I have written and even at this stage, I have many more still to add to the page. So here are the ones I have added today and all are original Xbox reviews from my website

Link: James Woodcock’s Gaming Reviews


My Gaming Reviews Page Updated

I have spent a couple of hours today adding to my Gaming Reviews page with new reviews and old ones that have been hosted on other sites including my website. The list of additions include the following:

Link: James Woodcock’s Gaming Reviews


My Xbox 1 Reviews List Updated

I have been carefully adding all my old Xbox 1 reviews from my website, which I used to own and run as Editor before closing it down. Here is a list of the new reviews I have added to my blogsite from my old Xbox site, however there are still plenty more to add in the future:

Link: My Xbox / Xbox 360 Reviews from