App Creation #29 – Game Inspiration – Real Racing 2 [VIDEO]

The lights are red – your hands grasp the steering wheel in anticipation – the constant revving of engines echo through the track and all that stands between you and victory is the ever increasing stress on both the car and your mind.

Phone to Tablet


Demonstration of Apple iPad 2 HDMI 1080p Output – Real Racing 2 HD [VIDEO]

Today I am going to show you the iPad 2 using the optional Digital AV Adapter. Priced at £35, this accessory provides a ‘mirrored’ output to your high definition television or HDMI compatible projector. This essentially means that anything you would ordinarily see on your iPad 2 screen, will be mimicked ‘exactly’ on another display. Even better is that this works with almost every app currently available, without the need to wait for an update.

This is perfect for presentations, viewing your photos, watching videos or in this case taking tablet computer games to a whole new level.

A title that takes full advantage of this new HDMI output facility is Real Racing 2 HD, that uses Full HD, also known as 1080p, to increase the resolution and indeed scope of the game.