Map My Mind Review for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch – Trivia with Directions

The Apple iTunes Store is loaded with quiz applications and many will have distinct similarities. Map My Mind though attempts to challenge your wits with a slightly different approach in an effort to engage and excite the gamer. Surprisingly the new angle does give you a sense of exploration, satisfaction and even the odd pearl of wisdom.

You are guided through the game by an odd looking fellow, where you can view his brain through a transparent shell. Sounds quite yuk, however it is just to illustrate the idea of the game and is in perfectly good taste. This quirky character will explain the rules and more importantly the useful life savers that will more often than not get you out of a jam.


Buzz: Brain of the UK Review for PlayStation3 – Great, Why Not Downloadable?

buzz_sc001_en_gb3Here is my latest review and this time for Buzz: Brain of the UK for the Sony PlayStation3:

I have been playing quiz games on various platforms for years now probably starting with a PC game called ‘You Don’t Know Jack’. Although all seem to either capture a particular well known real life game show or add bizarre gimmicks to lure us in, I have been persistently disappointed by the lack of a true title winner that excels. Buzz attempts to put an end to my grief by adding the well known gimmicks as well as a few new ones while actually adding a substantial amount of substance in regards to the questions and expandability thanks to downloadable content.

Buzz: Brain of the UK is a little bit of a contradiction though… Although the original Buzz for the PlayStation3 features additional purchasable questions thanks to the PlayStation store, it seems they couldn’t resist releasing a brand new version of the game on disk, themed this time on the UK universe of questions and tom foolery featuring England, Scotland and Welsh flags. Why this route of trying to interest us with a whole new disk purchase rather than take advantage of downloadable updates is almost nonsensical, however lets give it a chance.

Link: My Buzz: Brain of the UK Review for the Sony PlayStation3

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QI – The Book of General Ignorance

qibook.jpgLet me start by saying I hate reading with a passion. No I don’t mean reading on the Internet, but reading a book in a relaxed environment trying to focus on a story. My mind often wanders onto something else and then I lose the plot and end up re-reading sections over and over until the inevitable boredom sets in.

There is however one book that has changed my reading habits and that is ‘The Book of General Ignorance’:

Compendium of popular misconceptions, misunderstandings and common mistakes culled from the hit BBC show, QI. Published to coincide with the fourth series broadcast in September 2006. If, like Alan Davies, you still think that Henry VIII had six wives, the earth has only one moon, that George Washington was the first president of the USA, that Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, that the largest living thing is a blue whale, that Alexander Graeme Bell invented the telephone, that whisky and bagpipes come from Scotland or that Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain, then there are at least 200 reasons why this is the book for you.

Including information that:

  • Henry VIII had only two wives
  • The earth has seven moons
  • All human beings have four nostrils
  • Coffee is not made from beans

I have already posted about my fondness of the quiz show programme called QI, but the book really is as equally deserving of my attentions. With the usual QI charm, I actually find myself picking up a book again after all these years of staring at digital information.

You don’t even have to be an avid watcher of the programme on the BBC to enjoy this book. For anyone who lives in general ignorance (which lets face it is most of us!), this is a saviour for souls like myself who have lost the interest in reading.

Shop: QI – The Book of General Ignorance


QI – Quite Interesting Comedy Quiz

This weekend, evenings have been a hilarious extravaganza, with repeats of QI or Quite Interesting on UKTV Gold. If you have yet to watch this comedy quiz, you really are missing out. Hey you might even learn something from all the fun:

Quite Interesting – or ‘QI’ to its friends – could loosely be described as a comedy panel quiz. However, none of the stellar line-up of comedians is expected to be able to answer any questions, and if anyone ends up with a positive score, they can be very happy with their performance. Points are awarded for being interesting or funny (and, very occasionally, right) but points are deducted for answers which merely repeat common misconceptions and urban myth. (Alan Davies has turned this aspect of the game into somewhat of an artform.)

Quite Interesting

It’s okay to be wrong, but don’t be obviously, boringly wrong. In this way, QI tries to rid the world of the flotsam of nonsense and old wives’ tales that can build up in your mind. QI not only makes us look more closely at things, it encourages us to question all the received wisdom we have carried with us since childhood. Think of the program as a humorous cranial de-scaler.

QI isn’t really about pointless information, or shoring up vast banks of trivia, It’s about finding undiscovered connections and seeing hidden patterns, just like the best comedy.

Link: QI: A Quite Interesting Link