Sheep Dog! Review for Android – Countryside Puzzler with a Trusty Dog and Silly Sheep

Ahh the wonderful bliss of the countryside, as a man whistles to his faithful friend offering instructions to carefully and strategically herd sheep into an enclosure. Many of us will have admired this activity on the BBC programme ‘One Man and his Dog’ and now what’s this you say, there is a game where you can enjoy the same sort of exploits all from the comfort of your mobile phone?


App Creation #42 – Game Inspiration – Labyrinth 2

I remember as a child the torment of labyrinth games. Trying oh so hard to avoid the clingy dark voids, reaching the end of the network of obstacles and traps. The digital variant features the same old addictive frustrations with additional routes to explore.

Sole Survivor


App Creation #41 – Game Inspiration – Cubes 3D Revolution

Yet another puzzle game, however Cubes 3D Revolution boldly pushes beyond the expectations of the traditional by utilising modern hardware capabilities.

Puzzle Game with a Twist


The 7th Guest Added to ScummVM Music Enhancement Project – Permission Granted

I am pleased to announce that Trilobyte Games have granted permission for me to release enhanced music for The 7th Guest on my website when completed as part of my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project for use within the ScummVM software.


Labyrinth HD Review for iPad – Classic Maze Board Game Appears on iOS

There are a wide assortment of board games appearing on the Apple iPad and for very good reason. The tablet device offers a perfect opportunity for this genre in particular to reappear in digital form – taking away the frustrations of setting up various game pieces, losing dice and never knowing for sure whether your friend is cheating.

Labyrinth HD follows on this popular trend by capturing fans of the 25 year old Ravensburger Labyrinth board game and transplanting it onto an iOS device.