ScummVM 1.6.0 “+4 to engines” Released – 4 New Engines, 6 New Games & Bug Fixes

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The ScummVM team have announced the release of version 1.6.0. of their software, that includes four new game engines and a further six playable titles.

ScummVM is a wonderful free piece of software that allows you to play classic point and click adventures on various devices and platforms – even on ones they were never originally intended.

…significant features include support for the Macintosh version of Discworld 1 and the music in the Macintosh versions of LucasArts adventures, an update to the latest Roland MT-32 emulation code, a new cool grid chooser for your savegames, an extended FluidSynth configuration dialog, and major bugfixes to bike fights in Full Throttle. We have also added Belarusian, Finnish and Galician translations to our GUI.
ScummVM Website


Podcast #32 – ScummVM – Point and Click Adventure Game Software

In my latest podcast, I interview developers Eugene Sandulenko, Arnaud Boutonné and Johannes Schickel from the open source software ScummVM. ScummVM allows you to enjoy point and click adventure games on a variety of platforms including computers, consoles and portable devices.


Simon the Sorcerer Now Available on iPhone – My Enhanced Music Featured

stsiphoneSimon the Sorcerer is now available on the Apple iPhone Store thanks to iPhSoft. Before release, iPhSoft contacted me asking permission to use my enhanced music for the title to be used on the iPhone version they were working on. So not only can you play Simon the Sorcerer, the classic point and click adventure on the Apple iPhone, but the game also uses my enhanced version of the musical score.


Simon the Sorcerer Soundtrack Version 2.0 – Compressor Settings Changed / Higher Bitrate

Today I have completed work on version 2.0 of my Simon the Sorcerer enhanced soundtrack for use with ScummVM. None of the actual tracks have changed (no new instruments, layers etc), however I have extensively changed the compressor settings which can make a dramatic difference to the overall sound. Each track has been given unique settings to add far more vibrancy then the previous version.

This is part of my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project, where I aim to enhance quite a few of the point and click adventure classics MIDI music. I should also let you know that I have changed the titles I will be working on due to time constraints. Flight of the Amazon Queen will now no longer be enhanced by myself, however Touche has been added in its place. I am still undecided on Inherit the Earth and instead of releasing the full soundtrack, I may release individual tracks instead to be used along with the soundtrack provided by the original composer.

You can download the free soundtrack I have enhanced and view instructions by visiting the link below:
> Simon the Sorcerer External Music Download


I Play the Simon the Sorcerer Theme Live on Yamaha Tyros3

In 2007, I received permission from Simon Woodroffe allowing me to enhance the music to be used on the fabulous ScummVM program. I fancied playing a ‘live’ version for you though, so here I am in High Definition playing the main theme from Simon the Sorcerer using the Yamaha flagship keyboard, the Tyros 3.

I have only had this keyboard for a day and with 450 backing styles and over a thousand voices, I will be enjoying the delights of this keyboard for a long time to come.