Wollaton Hall & Deer Park – Elizabethan Mansion in the Heart of Nottingham [Photos]

Today I went for a walk around Wollaton Park in Nottingham and although the weather was a little bleak during the day, I still managed to enjoy myself among the trees, lakes, historic buildings and wildlife.


Creative ZiiO 7” Tablet Review – X-Fi and HDMI Technology Feature Within Entertainment Tablet

The tablet phenomenon has certainly taken off in 2010 and as we begin 2011 it sees no signs of losing any of its momentum. Creative have entered this promising new market with their own offerings, yet with a slightly different angle that plays to their own strengths – that is of course entertainment.

This is an ‘entertainment’ tablet that is designed to play your music and videos, view your photos and even link to your humongous television for the best presentation possible. The Creative ZiiO features a HDMI output, so if the 7” TFT screen isn’t enough to satisfy your media yearnings, a stonkingly huge widescreen television can instead take its place.


Vodcast #2 – Vodburner – Enchanced Skype Video Capture and Editing Demonstrated

In this video interview, I speak to Jeremy Hague from Netralia as we discuss and explore the new enhance tab features that gives you options to add text, pictures and audio to your final generated video in the Vodburner Editing Console. Vodburner records live Skype webcam conversations combined with an editor allowing you to edit your captured video to then customise the different views, delete segments and add additional features.

I also interviewed Jeremy in my very first Vodcast as we delved into the benefits of the Vodburner software in general.


Gaming Pictures using Microsoft Paint

Over on the Frag Dolls UK forum, they have started a little competition to find the creative artist in us all. I wondered if I should have a try just for a bit of fun and came up with this from one of my favourite games Another World:


The rules stated you had to draw your gaming moment using the incredibly basic Microsoft Paint that comes along with Windows. Not exactly the most helpful application at creating works of art, however it certainly has captured the imaginations of many of the members to get scribbling.

Unfortunately the competition ends very soon, but why don’t you, just for fun, create your favourite gaming moments using just Microsoft Paint? If you do, make sure you link to them in your comments here.