Lenovo ThinkPad T420s Review – The Slim Functional Business Notebook

For many years, Windows based notebooks (laptops) have been a pretty standard shape and size – this however changed when Apple began to dominate and inspire the market with products that not only functioned well, but also featured a design that appealed to everyone.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T420s notebook appears to have taken some of the cues from the Apple mandate by slimming down its physique and becoming lighter.


Boxee Box Podcast – Movies, TV Shows, Music, Photos and Videos on your Television

I interview Wil Stephens who is the Vice President of International Business Development for Boxee. Here he tells us all about their Boxee Box, which is a device you hook up to your HDMI compatible television to expand the content – with access to on-line films, television shows and music, all on demand.

You can also view your own captured or created content including music, photographs and home movies all on your television.

Below is a transcription with some of the highlights from the podcast, however in the audio version you can enjoy the full interview covering additional topics.


WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit Review – Tech Depot Blog UK

My latest review on the Tech Depot Blog UK website has just gone live, this time covering the WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit:

Ever since the world of web browsing entered our lives, the need to be connected becomes ever stronger. Social networking, ordering online, reading the latest news and gossip or simply checking email – the Internet is an important factor in our daily routines.

It has become far more accessible and convenient thanks to wireless connections in the home, work and public places – yet there are times when this wire free technology isn’t part of your ageing hardware or the signal is simply out of reach.

The WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit includes a couple of devices that allow you to tap into a network that already exists in your home as believe it or not, the electricity supply can be utilised to transmit data. This essentially means, any room that features an electrical socket has the potential to hook up to all your online needs without the requirement to drill holes, lift carpets or redecorate.

Link: WD Livewire Review – Extending Internet Access using Electricity Supply Sockets


Edifier Sound to Go MP250 Multimedia Speaker Review – Tech Depot Blog UK

Tech Depot Blog UK have released my latest review that also includes a HD video of the Edifier Sound to Go MP250 Multimedia Speaker:

The Edifier Sound to Go MP250 Multimedia Speaker attempts to increase our audio fidelity and indeed enjoyment by giving you the option to plug in via USB a soundbar-like speaker that can raise the volume and detail within the sound.


Edifier Sound to Go MP250 Multimedia Speaker Review – Portable USB Powered Soundbar

I am a big fan of portable computers and even with the onslaught and fascination for tablet devices dominating the news, there are still many reasons why owning a notebook or netbook is advantageous.

One of the downsides though to our portability habits is that everything is reduced in size to allow for this ‘carry around’ necessity. One such reduction is of course the size of the speakers, which can be downsized to nothing more than a couple of small slits within the portable computer casing. This may alert you of notifications and offer other important cues, yet for listening to music or involving yourself with any kind of multimedia content can significantly reduce the level of appeal.