I Interview Hosts of Nicola & Roger’s Annual Student Christmas Concert [VIDEO]

Yesterday evening at the Richard Herrod Leisure Centre in Nottingham, Nicola Ross and Roger Hagarty hosted the Annual Student Christmas Concert – giving Nicola’s students a chance to perform in front of an audience, while also raising money for Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue.


I Create A Promotional Video for Roger’s Music Store in Nottingham

I have known Roger Hagarty for must be getting close to four years now, so when he asked me to create a promotional video for his Nottingham based music store Roger’s Music, I was more than happy. Ever since I was introduced to him, Roger has been immensely helpful and indeed friendly when I have needed sound samples of the latest Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos. I have spent oodles of time with him at various Yamaha gatherings and events and it is wonderful to see how his customers really appreciate his hard work and dedication in customer service. This isn’t an advertisement, this is truly my own admiration of his abilities and success as a Yamaha Keynote dealer.