App Creation #23 – App Inspiration – Evernote

Hand written notes appearing on sticky labels have been as much a part of the office as the humble paperclip.


Forgetful? Get a Skin Implant

Chip in HandFound this on Sky News:

“Fed up with losing keys and forgetting passwords? Don’t worry – help is at hand… literally. Computer enthusiasts in the US have started implanting tiny chips in their hands, allowing them to unlock their front door or PC simply by waving.

The radio frequency identification chips are the size of a grain of rice, cost around $2 and can last up to 100 years. They are activated when they come within three inches of a “reader”, which recognises the data on them and tells the computer or door lock that the owner has returned.

The technology they use has been around for decades and is used for keeping track of everything from shop stocks to pets. Amal Graafstra, 29, from Vancouver, Canada, has implanted chips that open his front door and log on to his computer.”