Major Nelson Podcast Reveals Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Details

majornelson.jpgIn just a couple of days, the Xbox 360 community will be able to experience even more features on their gaming consoles. Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) discusses this very issue with co-host ‘E’ on his latest podcast.

Well worth a listen if you are curious about what is new and how it will change your Xbox experience. The most controversial feature has to be the ability to share your Xbox Live friends list (called Friends of Friends) with others. This can be limited or even turned off on the website if you want to be ahead of the game!


I Interview Major Nelson in 360Zine

360zine3.jpgOn the phone I had the pleasure of interviewing the Xbox Live Director of Programming from Microsoft. You will know him better as Major Nelson, but his actual name is Larry Hryb who is celebrating more than 200 podcasts on his website over at

This recorded audio interview is featured in the latest issue of the free online magazine 360Zine on page 29. 360Zine is an online downloadable magazine that launched with its first issue in November 2006. The magazine is completely free and even includes video segments within some of the articles. 360Zine is available in *.pdf format so make sure you have the Adobe Reader software installed.


Larry gave up some of his valuable time to explain the features of Xbox Live, how it has evolved on the Xbox 360 and how it compares to the competition. You can listen to a very short sample of the interview below, but I recommend you go and download issue 3 of 360Zine to hear the full audio.

Link: I Interview Major Nelson in 360Zine


HD DVD Vs Bluray in Major Nelson’s Podcast

majornelson.jpgFor anyone who is interested in the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, the first podcast most people will pop over to hear is that of Major Nelson’s (Larry Hryb – Xbox Live Director of Programming), who works as part of the Xbox Live team. His podcasts are informative and interesting for anyone who wants to know the latest news and interviews with high profile guests from within Microsoft and beyond.

This edition is very special and for me one for of the most fascinating, as Major Nelson interviews experts in the field regarding HD DVD. They have quite a few facts about HD DVD Versus Bluray, which are worth noting, even if you consider it to be a little biased as they are all involved with Microsoft and support the HD DVD platform. It was very informative and really worth downloading!

Link: Show #183 The one about HD-DVD


HDTV Explanation and Information

Over at Major Nelson’s Website, that is Larry Hryb Xbox Live Director of Programming from Microsoft, you can now listen to his latest audio show where this weeks guest goes into great detail to explain the differences of High Definition Television for gaming, film and general television viewing.

It does get quite technical at times, but it is well worth a listen if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of what HDTV means.

Link: Show #163 – The one about HDTV