Worldictionary – Instant Translation and Search Review for Apple iPhone

When travelling to a non-English speaking country, my main concern (which I am sure is shared with many others) is that I find myself unable to read an important bit of information either on a sign, menu or elsewhere. English text will already appear in the more popular locations such as airports, but a little further afield the native language will be the only visible option to give any clues of your next move.

Worldictionary – Instant Translation and Search is one possibility that will ease your confusion, packing a fairly substantial selection of possible language translations all within one handy app.


Apple iPad 2 Tablet Announced – Why I Believe iPad 2 Will Lead in 2011

When the original iPad tablet released last year, there was certainly a lot of uncertainty around whether this new device would catch on within the market. There were many predictions floating around with fairly low or average figures, however I doubt anyone would have guessed that this Apple device would sell over 15 million units in 9 months.

With this mind boggling success comes the inevitable competition and there is a whole bunch of hardware and software solutions that are set to battle the iPad. It is only this year though that this rivalry will really have any kind of impact – due to manufacturers being caught off guard by this triumphant tablet recreation and in 2010 at least, Android suffered with a non-tablet software platform that just wasn’t really fit for purpose.