New to the iPhone Platform? – 5 Essential Apps for the Apple iPhone

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is no doubt delivering a number of Apple iPhones this year to individuals all over the world. The App Store is absolutely jam packed with software, so here are five apps I would recommend you install on your new device without delay.


Worldictionary – Instant Translation and Search Review for Apple iPhone

When travelling to a non-English speaking country, my main concern (which I am sure is shared with many others) is that I find myself unable to read an important bit of information either on a sign, menu or elsewhere. English text will already appear in the more popular locations such as airports, but a little further afield the native language will be the only visible option to give any clues of your next move.

Worldictionary – Instant Translation and Search is one possibility that will ease your confusion, packing a fairly substantial selection of possible language translations all within one handy app.


Shoppy Review for iPhone / iPod Touch – An Easy Peasy Digital Shopping List

I am sure you know this feeling – You have just popped to the shops to collect a few things and surprised with the relative ease of your latest shopping experience, you return home. As soon as you enter the house the sudden realisation that you forgot something dawns with an almighty explosion of anger and disappointment, forcing you to let off steam by slamming down your recently purchased goods knowing full well that you failed in your simplest of missions. Of course, some of us write down a list on a bit of paper and then forget to take it along with us – leaving you to fend for yourself and try all kinds of memory recall techniques such as tapping your foot, scratching your head or admitting defeat and calling your loved one.

To put it simply, the shopping experience can be an agonising one and with even the best planning in the world things can easily go wrong. As we are all becoming dependent on our mobile phones though, why not store this information within an app – an app that helps ease your temper tantrums and will earn you some brownie points along the way.


Podcast #30 – Brave New Code and the WPtouch Plugin for WordPress with Dale Mugford

WPtouch ProIn my 30th podcast I feature Dale Mugford, who is the co-founder of Brave New Code.

They have created a plugin for WordPress called WPtouch that gives your website or blog a mobile theme that decreases loading times and optimises for a touch-screen device.


Official Sony PlayStation App Releases on Apple iTunes Store – My Impressions

Sony have today released an official PlayStation app on the Apple iTunes Store, which is destined to become a regular fixture in your gaming information gathering. The app is completely free and with it you can keep an eye on your friends status, view and compare trophies while also monitoring the latest news direct from and the PlayStation Blog.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the features: