Yamaha Clavinova CVP-605/609 Touchscreen Technology Explained – Yamaha Club Magazine

yamahaclubcoverIn the February – March 2013 edition of the Yamaha Club Magazine, my article ‘A Touching New World’ appears. Covering the new touchscreen optimised operating system on the latest Yamaha Clavinova CVP-605 and CVP-609 digital piano models.

The article begins with an introduction by Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine:

James Woodcock is our very own ‘gadget man’. He spends his day-to-day life surrounded by the latest gizmos and electronic wizardry and, as he is also a knowledgeable and experienced keyboard user, we thought he’d be just the man to report on the CVP600 series Clavinova’s new technology…
Glyn Madden – Yamaha Club Magazine


Beneath A Steel Sky Floppy Version – ScummVM Music Enhancement Project [VIDEO]

Today I have created a short video presenting the floppy disk version of Beneath A Steel Sky, which includes the introduction featuring music from my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project.


Yamaha Club Announces Upcoming Tutorial DVDs – Presented by Glyn Madden & Produced by James Woodcock

Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine has announced that we are both working on a new series of tutorial DVDs for owners of Yamaha keyboards and CVP Clavinova digital pianos. Titled ‘Tips from the Top’, the new DVDs will be released this year hosted by Glyn Madden and produced by myself.

In “Tips from the top”, the latest tutorial DVD from Yamaha Club, Glyn Madden presents a selection of ‘mini-workshops’ based on the wealth of material contributed to Yamaha Club Magazine by top players and teachers over the years. Essentially, this collection of hints and tips provides the answers to several frequently asked questions – with a few extra ‘good ideas’ thrown in for good measure. Our hope is that you’ll find them useful when planning new performances for your Yamaha keyboard or Clavinova.

We have created a little promotional video to introduce the series, which includes a performance by Glyn on the current flagship keyboard by Yamaha – the Tyros4.


iPhone/iPod Touch Video of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – Director’s Cut

Broken Sword is one of my all time favourite point and click adventures. Having enjoyed the original PC version and the Directors Cut edition on the Nintendo Wii, I am so pleased to be given the chance to review the iPhone version that is to be released in the very near future on the Apple iTunes Store.

I have also been given permission to capture and present this video of the gameplay from the iPhone 3GS, so please have a look: