Nottingham – Xylophone Man Remembered

I remember when I went into Nottingham City Center, the same elderly gentleman busking not far from The Broad Marsh Complex. He was not the greatest xylophone player ever to grace this land, however it was a point of interest every time you passed. Sadly Frank Robinson passed away in 2004, but in recognition of his memory and the impact he had on visitors, a little plaque has been unveiled:

Xylophone Man

“Xylophone Man, whose real name was Frank Robinson, died from a heart attack on the 4th of July 2004 at the age of 73. Now a granite slab has been laid at his favourite busking spot on Listergate.

The slab has been prepared by local man Chris Hart. He called BBC Radio Nottingham’s Breakfast presenter Karl Cooper and offered his services. Today’s unveiling of the slab is a culmination of that very call. The tribute is a 60cm x 60cm slab which says, “Frank Robinson – Xylophone Man 1932-2004, played his xylophone here”.”

You can find out more here:

BBC This is Nottingham