Vodcast #3 – WordTwit Pro WordPress Plugin Interview with Dale Mugford [VIDEO]

Dale Mugford from Brave New Code joins me in this video interview to discuss their latest WordPress plugin – WordTwit Pro. WordTwit Pro is a WordPress plugin which adds powerful, easy-to-use Twitter features to WordPress. Publish tweets about your new posts to Twitter account(s) automatically.

Brave New code are also behind the WordPress plugin WP Touch Pro, which adds powerful easy-to-use features to WordPress for mobile + tablet theme support. It’s also a powerful theming framework, perfect for creating awesome mobile & tablet optimised versions of websites. I interviewed Dale regarding WPTouch Pro in an earlier podcast.

Dale also announced new features that are coming soon, including Facebook integration with WordTwit Pro and much more.


The Facebook Privacy Illusion – There Is No Privacy!

Time and time again we all hear about the scare stories that infest the media, where user information has either been gathered or shared without the owners consent or just by a lack of understanding a few privacy settings. This certainly hasn’t prevented social networking sites such as Facebook enjoying a very succesful 500 million users worldwide with no end currently in sight.

This article isn’t an attack on Facebook or any other online entity that gathers our personal and social information, actually it is a bit of a wake up call to those that believe that by carefully selecting our privacy settings somehow solves all our concerns. There is a distinct impression given by the media that our data can be safe if only those evil corporations and web programmers respect our privacy. Actually no matter what measures are put into place – your information, social connections and photographs are all at risk of being shared with people you would sooner not be privy to such content.


Talking Bird Recommends James Woodcock’s Blog – iPhone Comedy Shenanigans

The things I do for research purposes! Well anyway, today came across one of these wacky and completely insane apps available on the Apple iPhone and decided to experiment. Below is the result of this strange fascination that individuals (including myself) have with the darn right bizarre.

Talking Larry the Bird is an app that allows you to record an interaction with this strange creature perched innocently on a branch. Unfortunately for poor Larry, you have a few methods of causing harm as well as having him repeat whatever you say in a squeaky pitched voice. This can then be uploaded to YouTube as I have done so here or emailed to your account.


Podcast #28 – IntenseDebate with Jon Fox – Free Comment Enhancement System

In my latest podcast, I chat with Jon Fox who is the co-founder, mastermind and code monkey of IntenseDebate.

With IntenseDebate, you can let your readers post comments using services like Facebook, Twitter, and OpenID. They can also sign up for an IntenseDebate profile or simply comment without one as a Guest. E-mail notifications alert you and your readers of new comments, encouraging return visits and additional commenting. You can reply to and moderate comments via email, while threading makes it easy to follow the conversation and many more features that are described in this podcast.


Facebook Redeems Itself – Live Chat and Alterations Saves the Day… Thank You!

It wasn’t that long ago that I was extremely frustrated with Facebook. For weeks it was flooding me with invitations to poke, prod and hurl items at other friends on my list. No I didn’t care who loved me by accepting today’s wonderful new application. Painfully I had to resoundingly ‘no’ each one as they came in, tormenting every sense of my patience I had remaining. I was so close to removing myself, however times have indeed changed.

As bloggers, it is often easy to criticise our chosen topic of the day and even easier forgetting to praise any efforts solving the original annoyances. So here I am saying thank you to Facebook.