WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit Review – Tech Depot Blog UK

My latest review on the Tech Depot Blog UK website has just gone live, this time covering the WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit:

Ever since the world of web browsing entered our lives, the need to be connected becomes ever stronger. Social networking, ordering online, reading the latest news and gossip or simply checking email – the Internet is an important factor in our daily routines.

It has become far more accessible and convenient thanks to wireless connections in the home, work and public places – yet there are times when this wire free technology isn’t part of your ageing hardware or the signal is simply out of reach.

The WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit includes a couple of devices that allow you to tap into a network that already exists in your home as believe it or not, the electricity supply can be utilised to transmit data. This essentially means, any room that features an electrical socket has the potential to hook up to all your online needs without the requirement to drill holes, lift carpets or redecorate.

Link: WD Livewire Review – Extending Internet Access using Electricity Supply Sockets


Toshiba Dynadock U10 – Give Your Laptop Greater Expandability and Features

Laptops are truly wonderful things. Their portability offers a software and hardware solution on the move that is difficult to match, particularly useful for business purposes and of course carrying around an expensive leather case always adds to the successful entrepreneurial look. Once you return to your office or home though, the limitations soon become apparent.

Many laptop users will have come across the most basic of irritations and that is the need for just one more USB port. It becomes a wire spaghetti-like tangled mess that overwhelms your working environment and one of the common answers to this is to invest in a dock. Docks provide additional USB ports and other handy features that aren’t always required when out and about, although many are custom designed to work with a particular model or range. Toshiba have managed to offer these types of features and more by including a vast array of expandability and all through a single USB port. By using a single USB port, you can quite happily upgrade your laptop and still benefit from your Toshiba dock without the need for a custom replacement. Give me an example of a laptop that doesn’t feature a USB port! Exactly, USB ports are commonplace now so changing your laptop doesn’t result in a new dock on each upgrade.


Lexmark Platinum Pro905 All-in-One Inkjet – Why Be Skint? A Penny A Print!

Allow me to beckon you all around my virtual stall if you will, as for a moment at least, I will feel a little like a market trader as I present to you the Lexmark Platinum Pro905. Please don’t misunderstand my intentions though, I am no Delboy Trotter here with my suitcase full of unusual and bizarre merchandise. Instead I will be sharing with you wonderful news at the top of my voice for those who are actively seeking an economic printing solution and a host of other features.

In the past, printers have lured us in with their irresistible pricing and reproduction quality, however in what only feels like the briefest of moments, you can sometimes find yourself receiving a most unwelcome shock when you realise that almost in no time at all you have reached the dreaded ink empty status. So here comes the promised good news you have been waiting for… Lexmark are confident that it will cost just a single penny and possibly even less to print a page containing a typical amount of text. Not only that, due to the quite large ink cartridges, you will be printing away for a ‘smile’ worthy time.