FIFA 14 Celebration Fail – Capturing Gaming Clips Goes Mainstream

FIFA 14 Xbox One
For a number of years now, I have been capturing gaming gameplay from various titles going as far back as the Commodore 64 right up to the Xbox 360 and PS3 for my video game reviews. This kind of recording though was limited to those who were happy to invest in additional and often expensive equipment, until both the PS4 and Xbox One were released that is – allowing gamers to share their exciting, epic or darn right ludicrous gaming moments.

So, with my trusty Xbox One, here is a lovely celebration fail I captured using just the console with absolutely no extra recording accessories. Watch as poor Carrick from Manchester United is absolutely nailed by a celebrating player.


FIFA 13 Xbox 360 Gameplay – Manchester City Vs Arsenal [VIDEO]

With the release of the FIFA 13 demo on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, I decided to create a gameplay video where I enjoy the latest offering from EA Sports.


FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa for PlayStation3 – HD Video Review

Every four years, our hearts are constantly broken as each time we dare to sit down to watch the latest and possibly greatest sporting event to appear on our televisions. We raise our expectations oh so high and far from learning our lesson from previous tournaments, we repeat our silly footballing traditions by standing up every time when we think our team have scored, shouting at the manager’s poor choice of substitution and wondering how on earth the goal keeper saved that magnificent shot, denying your team victory.


FIFA Football 10 Review for Xbox 360 – Striding onto the Pitch with Confidence

fifa10_mag_07_wmIf your admiration for the football series continues for another spectacular year, make sure you read my latest review on FIFA 10 for the Microsoft Xbox 360:

No sooner have I finished one FIFA review does another sequel appear on the store shelves and yet again I am teased by all manner of EA advertisements and information regarding their latest masterpiece. FIFA 09 pummeled the opposition into the ground even converting the hardcore fans of the ‘other’ rival series over to their fold. This shocked the fans of both factions yet Pro Evolution Soccer has not reacted very well to the challenge and instead seems to be sticking with what now is considered a pretty dated formula.

FIFA 10 has it all and enough to satisfy even the most judgmental footy fanatic. Although this is sounding like a conclusion at the start of the review, you probably already knew from its predecessor that the hard work was already completed and now it was just a matter of adding some new features and animations as well as tinkering with the visuals.

Link: FIFA Football 10 Review for Xbox 360

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Fight Night Round 4 HD Video Review for Xbox 360

The predecessor to Fight Night Round 4 had our jaws dropping in awe and our eyes watering with happiness at the remarkable visuals. It was one of those magical eureka moments when you realised that next generation gaming had finally arrived and that you were now a part of this momentous moment in history. Now with the release of the Xbox 360’s boxing sequel, it is time to don your gloves once again, enter your square prison-like arena and face your personal demons as you battle it out against the worlds finest.

To read the full review, click the link below:
> Fight Night Round 4 HD Video Review for Xbox 360