Game & Gadget Podcast #2 – E3, Windows 8.1 and WWDC – Debate with Special Guests

Game and Gadget Podcast #2
In my second episode of the ‘Game & Gadget Podcast’ dedicated to gaming and technology, we discuss the recent E3 announcements from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo, Windows 8.1 and Apple’s WWDC event.

Guests include Matt Baxter-Reynolds a mobile software development consultant and technology sociologist based in the UK who blogs for ZDNet and Chris Brandrick a freelance technology writer at Techhive and a blogger for Gigaom.


Monster Cast #11 – E3 2011 Special Edition HD Video

I have created a high definition video version of the latest Monster Cast podcast which I hosted.

While we discuss many of the E3 highlights – the video displays trailers and gameplay footage from the event including:

  • Nintendo Wii U Announcement
  • Nintendo 3DS coverage
  • Sony PlayStation 3 content and apology
  • Sony PSVita (formerly Sony NGP)
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 presentation
  • Microsoft Kinect overload!
  • Various highlights of the event


Monster Cast #11 – E3 2011 Special Edition Discussing Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

I host the latest Monster Cast for gaming website Console Monster, with guests Marty Greenwell and Ricky Lee Staines to discuss the three presentations by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Console Monster is an Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation3 specific website with news, reviews, previews, forum, achievements and trophies database. They even have a very sleak iPhone app, which is downloadable on the Apple iTunes Store.


Fragdolls UK E3 Podcast

fragdollsuk.jpgRecently I did my own after E3 blogcast (Blogcast #8 – Xbox 360 E3 Debate Volume 2 Part 1) with other Xbox websites and it has proven to be very popular, however did you also know that Fragdolls UK have also made a podcast regarding their own thoughts of E3 2006?

Welcome one and all to the home of Frag Dolls UK. If you don’t know who we are yet then it’s time to get down with what’s up, up with what’s down and generally forget about doing the doubtless sensible thing it was that you originally sat down at your computer to do.

Begin by observing the following pieces of information.

  • You’re more likely to be killed by lightning than you are to win the lottery

  • A tooth left in a glass of coke overnight will dissolve – so your insides are in danger
  • Girls don’t play games

All of the above are dangerous misconceptions. And blind belief in all of them (with a particular focus on the third) is about to be stamped out by Frag Dolls UK.

It is only 13 minutes long and is worth a quick listen. Also remember I interviewed Voodoo from Fragdolls UK way back in James Woodcock’s Blogcast #3.

Link: Fragdolls UK E3 Podcast


Podcast #9 – Xbox 360 E3 Debate Volume 2 Part 2

James Woodcock's BlogcastHere is part 2 of our E3 special edition version of my Xbox 360 Debate Volume 2 featuring guests Barrie Rogers from 360 Monster, Michael Rossell from Brit Xbox, Ade Ricketts from MSXbox World and Ali Owen (freelance). Make sure you check out Xbox 360 E3 Debate Volume 2 Part 1 first, which covers Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 predominantly.

Topics covered in part 2 include:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Accessory – Source Twit
  • Xbox Live Arcade Vs Nintendo Wii Back Catalogue
  • 2D Glory Returns
  • Getting Users on Xbox Live
  • Loving Xbox 360 Achievements
  • Gears of War first impressions
  • Halo 3 > Halo 2 > Halo
  • Halo 2 Trash Talking
  • Private Games Online
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 Shock
  • Windows Vista Online Features
  • Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Rated /10
  • Submitted Questions

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