RailWorks 2 Impressions – Train Simulation Receives Free Update for Owners of RailWorks

Although I was a fan of Microsoft Train Simulator for the PC platform, it was ageing less than gracefully in more recent times. My inklings for a graphical presentation that would eke every last morsel out of my computer hardware became stronger and soon I realised that a new contender should take prominent position in my simulation library, available ironically on a store and software service called Steam.

RailWorks not only improved the much needed visual qualities I was hoping for, it also reinvigorated my once dwindling interest in rail simulation as a whole. Featuring locomotives including steam, diesel and electric plus routes from the UK, US and elsewhere. I soon became hooked on the offerings RailWorks provided, so much so that I asked to interview Paul Jackson, CEO of to feature on my podcast and more recently in a video along with other members of staff down in Chatham.