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Still from the Yamaha Club Tutorial DVD: Masterclass
Yamaha keyboard and digital pianos feature a range of impressive features that can thrust your musical aspirations into reality, however why not ensure you maximise this potential by watching one of our many tutorial DVDs available from the Yamaha Club.


Yamaha Clavinova Celebrates 30th Birthday – Digital Piano Range History Revealed

Clavinova 30th Anniversary
I have enjoyed Yamaha instruments for many years, in particular their keyboard & digital piano range and today Yamaha have announced that the Clavinova is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Since 1983, Yamaha have released a variety of digital piano instruments – starting out with a very basic FM representation of sounds right up to the more modern and exquisitely captured samples taken from their elite acoustic range. It is fascinating to see, and in fact ‘hear’ how technology has progressed, the techniques used by Yamaha to evolve and adapt these hardware and software advancements over the years to bring us the performer a more realistic portrayal of a ‘real’ piano without many of the disadvantages.


New Yamaha DVD Tutorial: Masterclass – Produced by James Woodcock

DVD MasterclassThe latest Yamaha keyboard and digital piano tutorial DVD titled ‘Masterclass’ is now available to purchase, which was produced by myself and presented by Glyn Madden for the Yamaha Club. This is the seventh tutorial DVD I have created for the Yamaha Club and if you include the three promotional DVDs for Yamaha UK – then this is the tenth DVD total, so quite a milestone!

‘Masterclass! is the seventh title in our ‘Playing Yamaha’ series and, building on the success of the Easy Keyboard Library workshop series (featured in the Yamaha Club Magazine), the DVD sets out to show you how, with a few common sense ideas (and a bit of practice), you can turn a fairly simple lead-line and chord symbol music score into a professional sounding arrangement.

The DVD features lots of music – and lots of tips to pick up along the way. You’ll be surprised how a small change to the way you arrange and play your keyboard’s voices and styles can make a huge difference to the way it sounds.
DVD description from the Yamaha Club Shop


New ‘Tips From The Top’ Tutorial DVD Released – Produced by James Woodcock

Released today for sale is my latest tutorial DVD I have produced for the Yamaha Club with Glyn Madden.

Tips from the Top – Volume 1 is a first edition in a new series of DVDs I am creating with the Yamaha Club and Glyn Madden – covering Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos:

Yamaha artist Glyn Madden answers some of the most frequently asked questions in a treasury of hints and tips from the Yamaha Club’s archive – presented as a series of easy to follow mini-workshops and step-by-step demonstrations.

Link: Tips from the Top DVD – Volume 1