My Personal Website CSS Stylesheet Overhaul by Ben Gillbanks – WordPress Theme Designer

My personal website (blog) is over 4 years old now and in that time it has been tweaked, altered and experimented with by myself looking to add something a little new and hopefully entice people to have a good look around. My CSS knowledge is quite limited and more often than not if I get stuck to the point where my hair is torn out in large clumps as I can’t find the answer on good old Google, I give my friend Ben a nudge, of which he replies with the life saving answer.

I came to the obvious conclusion that my CSS limits were just not enough to add that extra bit of sparkle to my website and after a little conversation with Ben, I convinced him to have a gander and see what small changes he could make to improve the design. I wasn’t expecting a great deal as he only had an hour free, however the result was extremely impressive in my eyes and I hope you agree too.