Anticipation Album #10: A New Dawn by James Woodcock – Full Track Preview [VIDEO]

Anticipation - James WoodcockMy album Anticipation has been available for a couple of years now and I decided to release full length previews of all of my tracks on YouTube and here is the final track from the CD.

‘A New Dawn’ is the tenth track from my album, a composition in an earlier form that originally featured in the ‘Steve Jackson’s Sorcery – The Shamutanti Hills‘ app for iPhone and iPod Touch as the credits music.

This is my favourite track from the CD, so I hope you enjoy it too!


Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror Music – Keyboard Fun with the Credits

I believe it is fair to say I am a huge Broken Sword fan, a title that sits proudly among the point and click adventure gaming genre. Captivated by the delights of George and Nico as they were both hurtled into a world of mystery and suspense – there is one part of the game that always sticks in my mind. No not the gorgeous landscapes or epic locations, no not even the wonderfully witty dialogue – instead the ending music that features during the credits in the Broken Sword sequel. Who could ignore the blissful lyrics of ‘Happiness is an inside job – If your name is Mary, if your name is Bob’.

So yesterday while enjoying my Yamaha Tyros3 keyboard, I decided to play and record my version of the credits – you know just for a bit of fun between all of us Broken Sword fanatics. Enjoy this short trip down memory lane…

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