I Interview Darren Porter – Route Creator of Bristol to Exeter for RailWorks

For a couple of weeks now I have had the pleasure of trying out the new Bristol to Exeter route for RailWorks and RailWorks 2. Published by Just Trains, it has an impressive 85 miles covering Bristol Temple Meads right up to Exeter St Thomas, lovingly recreated with recognisable landscapes and familiar landmarks. The route includes 14 detailed stations, eight new scenarios, detailed and accurately placed landmarks and notable buildings, fully functional animated level crossings, authentic terrain mapping and AI train operations.

I really love this route… There is something special about speeding through lush surroundings, trees as far as I can see, bridges appearing with great frequency and tracks that run closely alongside main roads and disappear again within an instant.

I asked the creator of the route Darren Porter if he would care to answer a few questions and he willingly obliged, so here they are below for you to learn a little more about the man himself and the creation process: