Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Beta Gameplay – Sony PlayStation 3 Multiplayer Footage [VIDEO]

Due for release in November 2011, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception continues the epic adventures of Nathan Drake and his courageous friends.

If there is any one reason to own a Sony PlayStation3, the Uncharted series is without doubt my recommendation. A cross between Tomb Raider and Gears of War, Uncharted 3 manages to incorporate elements from other titles that have made them memorable yet still create its own identity with huge success.

Below is a HD video I captured of myself (GlideManiac) playing the Uncharted 3 beta. It contains a couple of the multiplayer Team Deathmatch levels, including one where you are fighting within and around a plane that is about to take off.


Duty Calls Gameplay Video – Call of Duty Parody to Advertise Upcoming Game

Everyone loves an almighty giggle every now and then, however when an actual game is released that pokes fun at one of the most successful series to ever be released, it certainly demands your attention and admiration.

Duty Calls – The Calm Before the Storm is a short playable game for the PC that pokes fun constantly at the Call of Duty franchise – mocking its surreal slow motion antics, the tedium of enemy after enemy appearing, dull mission briefings and the wonders of collecting meaningless rubbish. The whole point though is to highlight the upcoming game ‘Bulletstorm’ and the Gears of War 3 beta it gives you access to. I must say the whole idea is extremely pleasing and as great as the Call of Duty franchise is, you can still have a little laugh at its expense.


Skype 4.0 Beta for Windows Impressions – Brand New User Interface Disaster!

A few days ago, the release of the new Skype 4.0 beta appeared for public consumption. I have been tinkering with this particular post in my WordPress Drafts area for some time now, however after having a few more days experience with the beta, I am actually devastated by the decisions made by the Skype team.

With the latest beta, we get to view the new user interface. If you expected a Vista like sleekness… well forget that notion right away. Skype 4.0 is currently an utter shambles and needs a complete overhaul, although to be honest, I couldn’t find that much wrong with the previous version so why the big upheaval? There are a couple of new interesting features though that do appear. One that allows you to move around and resize the video windows and another to view the different conversations within the same area, removing the need for endless taskbar clutter, but both of these could surely have been achieved within the current version 3 series of Skype.

So what has gone wrong?


Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Public Download

IE7.jpgHaving been a big fan of Firefox for quite some time now, I have been watching carefully Microsoft’s Internet browsing software evolve to compete. Now available for download is Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, which is a little improvement over the previous beta as Paul Thurrott explains:

The most important new feature is drag and drop tab reordering. Now, you can move your tabs around with the mouse easily (Figure) and position them as you’d like. Then, when you save a tab group, they will be in the order you prefer. Microsoft compares this feature to the way you can drag and drop slides in PowerPoint. And it’s worth noting that this functionality is only available in the normal display mode: You can’t drag and drop the panels around in Quick Tabs, which is a static view.

I have been using the new Internet Explorer beta and although it is a massive improvement over the previous version of Internet Explorer 6, I think for now I will continue with Firefox, as it is extremely fast and feature rich. The Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 is worth a try though, although remember it is early code and should not be installed if you are not confident with your computing skills.

Link: Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Downloads


Windows Media Player 11 Beta Released

wmp11.jpgI am actually looking forward to Windows Vista, especially after watching the Microsoft presentation at E3. The gaming advantages with such things as a friends list really does appeal to someone like me, who has used an Xbox 360 and enjoys such enriched online facilities already.

Along with this new sleek vision for Windows Vista is a new Windows Media Player now at version 11, however even those of us using Windows XP can try out the latest beta of this software.

Initial impressions are good, although the black colour scheme looks a little odd next to my virtually all blue theme with Windows Media Center Edition 2005. It feels far more fluid to use and easier to navigate, so I have high hopes for Vista if this translates to the Operating System as well.

Link: Windows Media Player 11 Beta Download