ARCHOS Clipper 2GB MP3/WMA Music Player – Small and Light Clip Device for Audio Playback

Today many of our mobile phones include some form of built-in music player. This is certainly a handy feature, however there are times when even a mobile phone can be a hindrance on your travels. If you visit the gym with any kind of frequency or like to exert energy by jogging or running, then a piece of hardware that is small, light and capable of playing your favourite tunes to help pass the time is certainly a welcome one. One of my fears is dinging, damaging or even dropping my far from cheap fancy touch screen phone while exercising. Even walking over the tricky English countryside can be littered with perils and one slip could result in disaster.

Introducing the ARCHOS Clipper, which is an extremely portable music player with 2GB of internal memory and support for both MP3 and WMA audio formats and priced below £20.